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Our lives evolve and our needs change. We feel you deserve a mortgage team that truly knows what exceptional customer service entails; a friendly group of hard-working people who care about you, your goals and your priorities. The business of obtaining a loan evolves, as well, and has become more complex. With Mortgage Evolution, you get a team of friendly professionals with advanced expertise on the latest and greatest the mortgage industry has to offer; and who will take pleasure in being your close guide along the way. Whether purchasing a home or refinancing an existing home, welcome, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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Ready to purchase a home? Let us help you get educated and prepared. With us, you will learn all loan options available to you.

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Refinancing can be a great financial move. We are experts at helping home owners weigh the pros and cons of the refinance options available.

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Sometimes, non-conventional solutions are needed to get the job done.

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First-Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home is a thrilling time in one’s life and a great accomplishment. But it can also be stressful and filled with insecurities. We understand those feelings and a primary focus of ours is to alleviate those worries with education and high availability. We have a vast array of loan programs, great interest rates and most of all, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Fresh Start Home Buyers

"Life" touches us all at one point or another, doesn’t it? We’re in a unique time where an unprecedented number of people were hit hard in recent years. We want you to know that many of our "re-entry" clients did not feel they could get approved when they first came to us. We wonder how many never even reached out. If you want to own again, but are concerned over your past bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, or tax debt, give us a try. You may be closer than you think and if you are not quite ready, that’s ok; we will work with you towards a plan and remain by your side until your day comes. And it will come.

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Conforming Financing

Conforming financing is more flexible than many think and does not need to be thought of as the loan program for those who are “perfect”. Being a division of one of the largest mortgage lenders provides us an opportunity to underwrite conforming loans without a lot of extra restrictions. This allows us to qualify a higher percentage of buyers while remaining competitive with interest rates and loan terms.

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Loans for Veterans

For qualified Veterans, there is no better loan than the VA loan. No down payment requirement, no mortgage insurance requirements, incredible interest rates, and flexible guidelines make this the loan program of choice for our freedom guardians.

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FHA Financing

FHA financing options are a perfect fit for many buyers who need the additional credit and/or debt ratio flexibilities not available with conforming financing. In many circumstances, FHA’s interest rates are lower than conforming interest rates. A little-known fact is that FHA in available to those with previous home ownership experience, not just to first-time home buyers.

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Jumbo Financing

A Jumbo loan refers to loan amounts that exceed a county’s high-balance conforming loan limit. Jumbo loan guidelines are the most complex and demanding of all loan programs which an experienced lender, with good technical knowledge and pro-active transaction management. Each of us at Mortgage Evolution knows how to navigate the tough terrain of Jumbo financing while providing competitive loan terms.

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A Quality Pre-Approval Process

One of the best feelings you can have during your home buying experience is the confidence of knowing you are truly approved, with nothing lurking around the corner. There are no short cuts to the path of a truly solid pre-approval for your unique loan file. Regardless of the complexities that may exist, you deserve a quality pre-approval, and we have the know-how and systematic process to ensure you get exactly that.

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Quality Loan Estimates

We believe, whether you are buying a home or refinancing a home, you should be able to count on our loan estimates. We utilize a proprietary system along with our experience and expertise to ensure completeness and accuracy of our loan estimates.

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Home Purchase Process

It is so important to us that our clients feel their experience with us was smooth, orderly, communicative and timely. We have found that our clients appreciate our display of all available loan options along with relevant education about the process and what to expect. Click below for more detail on the home buying process and reach out to us with any questions or education you’d like on this important topic.

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Credit Education

Did you know the mortgage industry uses a completely different scoring model than the model used for Consumer Credit Reports that you may subscribe to? This can cause variances in the credit scores you see versus a Mortgage Credit Report. When planning for a home purchase or taking a course of action to improve your credit, it’s important to know your mortgage credit score as well as the dos and don’ts. Unfortunately, many buyers make moves that seem like a good idea at the time, unaware of the negative consequences where mortgage qualification is concerned. We would be more than happy to review your Mortgage Credit Report with you so can be assured you are doing the right things.

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