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Mortgage Evolution is a mortgage brokerage, licensed through the CA DRE, catering to the licensed originator who wants to build a long-term, high-quality, modern origination business through self-branding, independence, control, and the ability to deliver the best in loan program and pricing.

Has your origination business evolved to the point where you have a good following, a good reputation and you know what you’re doing? If this describes you, then the independent life may be calling.

  • Loan Programs and Terms. Direct-lender originators shudder when in competition with a broker. It’s always been the case. Truth is, it is better on this side, knowing you can put those insecurities to rest, forever.
  • Customer service. High quality originators tend to desire control, mostly to ensure a positive customer experience. Here, you have the advantage of options covering the spectrum from “control-freak” to “delegate everything”. You get to craft an operation flow that fits you like a glove.
  • Self-Branding. Great originators have clients that return again and again. Who is the brand, in the customer’s eyes, the great originator or the lender/broker they work for? Your customers should only have one name, one email and one cell number to remember, yours. If you are already doing this, we are your people. If you want to make this happen, we can help you.
  • Independence and Control. In our world, your professional life will be able to accommodate virtually any personal life(style) you wish to pursue. When, where, how and with whom you work, are up to you, at all times.
  • CRM. When you transition from the direct lender world to our world, you never again will have to force-adopt a CRM. Finally, you can brand you, however you want you to be branded.
  • 1099 / Self-Employed. With DRE licensure, originators are independent contractors. As such you can form a corporation or do nothing and opt for the sole proprietor route with a Schedule C filing. In either case, there are significant tax advantages as a self-employed filer.
  • Compensation. Our originators receive 100% of the lender paid compensation.
  • Your twilight years. Many are pleasantly surprised to learn that as an incorporated originator, annual retirement contribution limits are as high as $66,000 ($73,500 if age 50). Check out this link (scroll to bold-typed “Overall limit on contributions”): Retirement Topics - 401(k) and Profit-Sharing Plan Contribution Limits | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)

We are always looking to add productive, experienced, quality originators to the Mortgage Evolution team. If you would like to see if our platform and environment would be a great match for your origination business, please get it touch. We’d love to meet and talk with you.